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A vertical garden for everyone

Green is niceness, beauty, the good side of life. So let's plant trees, create more nature, care better for nature there is. But what about those in need? What about the millions of people living in dusty townships, dry areas, little rainfall, trees cut down for fuel-wood, lowest income?

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We will not rest until everywhere in the world, in every home, in every school,in every clinic, everyone can wash their hands with clean water. Join our mission to relate niceness and comfort to washing hands. With less illness as a result!

The number of hands that need proper care and don't get it, is huge. Is a billion hands a good guess? The World Health Organization seems to think so.

The Hy2U (Hygiene to U) campaign is an innovative approach for rapid promotion and acceptance of washing hands in poor rural and urban areas, like Ethiopia and Kenya.

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Under construction

Soon on this domain: This site,, reports about; rope pumps, the contribution of Demotech regarding its design, further technical development and above all how the rope pump does function from the users perspective.

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A new dimension to drip-irrigation

Trees produce and distribute clean water, filter the air, regulate the climate and support people and nature.Still, the number of trees is declining rapidly. The treeDripper project, an Demotech initiative, is one of our tools to change this trend.

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