Remember the days of the Commodore computer?

It had the 6502-chip. Could do a lot, al lot more then the other computers from that time. Yes, you have to be in your seventies to remember. But load of people are in their seventies and may remember the Comoodore.

If you remember the Commodore, you may also remember the Z 80 from Sinclair. Its design was smart. I loved to use it and I dreamed about taking it along in my travels to Indonesia at that time. But then at nighttime, how could I work on it, the screen readable, but the backlit keayboard not yet invented?

So I thought about a little LED-light to illuminate the keyboard. From there is was a short track to imagine a little LED to light up the paper I loved to read or the letter I should urgenly write. I realized how very, very little light was needed to read, given one one condition only.

That condition made the crucial difference: shield the LIGHT SOURCE, even that little LED-light from directly shining into your eyes. Easy to understand, same as night animals: a big open aperture, to catch all available light, even if it is about dark!

That condition made the NightReader: take a Led, mount it on a stick, link it to almost empty batteries plus shield THAT LITTLE LED's From SHINING INTO YOUR EAYS!

And then, who should read? People with a computer? Or also the billion off-the grid kids in the tropics that have 4 hours darkness each day after sunset that they would not sleep, therefore would to read or write something?

The NightReader is for those kids! Imagine: evening is cool after a hot day. Most kids are eager to leant stuff that is of interst to them: so read, READ! A very tiny light source would make a big difference. Like a LED plus a collection of near-empty betteries linked up to give that tiny bot of electrical current that will light up the LED.

Next level of planning: a schoolteacher will like the idea of their pupils doing homework and read what is available to be read.
So let Demotech link up to schools, Let Demotech teach schoolteachers to teach their pupils te make a NightReader. And that is very well possible, builind a NightReader is facinating for kids, as they learn so many niew tricks of how to make something, the learn new things about electricity, And in the end, these kids take home something that makes nighttime facinating from that time on.

Remember the time you were a kid and like to read almost secretly when supposed to be sleeping? Yes? Then you will understand the NightReader!