Pecha Kutcha's night for the intro of "Micro Industry"


It all goes to fast! No time for reflexion, let alone for discussion about these issues with friends. So I deplore simplification and unclear description where that occurs.

However this is a splendid opportunity to go for it: introduce the idea of 'Micro Industry'. I'll do so in my Pecha Kutcha talk of tonight. I'll do so within a week in the new site

And very shortly, I'll do it now. Realise and/or imagine: industry is about making things with specialised tools. Tools made or programmed for that…

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Remember the days of the Commodore computer?


It had the 6502-chip. Could do a lot, al lot more then the other computers from that time. Yes, you have to be in your seventies to remember. But load of people are in their seventies and may remember the Comoodore.

If you remember the Commodore, you may also remember the Z 80 from Sinclair. Its design was smart. I loved to use it and I dreamed about taking it along in my travels to Indonesia at that time. But then at nighttime, how could I work on it, the screen readable, but the backlit keayboard not yet invented?

So I thought about a little LED-light to illuminate the…


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