The NightReader


NightReader is a small reading light, practical in the rich world, but indispensable for one billion Third World school kids and students.


  • For reading and studying, the first and last hours of the 11hours tropical night are very suitable for doing home work, is only proper illumination can be provided. This regards 1 billion poor students and pupils world wide.
  • For reading and writing, illumination should be of good quality. Housing conditions normally do not offer this. Illumination from overhead florescent tubes is too weak, strong light from pressured gas-lamps radiates heat, crates sharp shadows and attracts insects.
  • Use of a torch is somehow effective, but cost for the short lasting batteries limits its use. Small LED-lights offer a big improvement in practicality, but cost is still to be considered. Kerosene lamps and candles are impractical and dangerous, causing burns and fire


  • Four hours after sunset can be utilized for study with a small mobile reading light, called the “NightReader”. Compared to the heat of the day, these hours have the charm of relaxing coolness, specially when sitting outside. These hour are ideal for study, it is easier to concentrate one's thought, read and write. Moreover, outdoor space is the only space available for students to escape the hindrance of cramped housing conditions.
  • Problems of cost and practicality are addressed. Cost by local manufacture out of mostly cost cost free materials in a short time. Mobility by small size, light weight, Practicality and quality by a design of a lampshade that only illuminates what is read or written down as not attract insects. Use of two 3mm yellow LED’s results in long battery use, even if partly discharged batteries are used.
  • Facilitate availability for all at short notice by on-line publication of construction manuals and on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instructables.